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Are you facing the inconvenience of missing or damaged teeth? At Nicholson Road Dental Centre, we provide comprehensive solutions to restore your smile and bring you happiness. With our exceptional services, we can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile and improve your biting function, offering you the confidence and convenience you deserve.

Consequences of missing teeth

We understand the challenges associated with tooth loss, whether it's the absence of a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a complete set. It can lead to the urge to hide your smile or laughter in public and everyday activities like eating and talking can become challenging. Additionally, if you have not replaced your natural teeth for an extended period, the resorption of your jawbone can negatively affect your facial appearance. This can result in a sagging mouth and lower face, as well as a loss of skin firmness.


If you are seeking solutions for missing teeth, whether it involves replacing a front tooth, a rear tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, your available choices can be classified into three primary categories: dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures.



Tooth implants are frequently the favoured choice due to their ability to closely resemblance the appearance, sensation, and functionality of natural teeth. Unlike alternative replacement options, they also play a role in preventing bone loss by stimulating the jaw and maintaining optimal bone volume.

Implants offer long-lasting durability and exceptional convenience with minimal maintenance requirements. They seamlessly integrate with your natural smile and provide enhanced strength to your bite. Leveraging our advanced technology and meticulous planning, we guarantee a positive outcome that will leave you smiling confidently.

Choosing a single dental tooth implant is a popular choice when compared to a tooth-supported fixed bridge, as it enables the replacement of a single tooth without compromising the health of adjacent teeth. And, maintaining a single implant is comparatively simpler than caring for a dental bridge.



In cases of tooth damage or chipping, a crown may be necessary to restore the tooth's integrity. Serving as a protective cap, the crown covers the tooth, preserving its original shape and size. Prosthetic crowns are carefully crafted using various materials, including metal, porcelain fused to metal substrates, or all-white restorative materials. This meticulous selection guarantees an aesthetically pleasing result that closely matches the natural colour of the tooth.

Image by Ozkan Guner


In the case of missing one or more teeth with healthy neighbouring teeth on either side of the gap, contemplating a dental bridge is worth considering.

This reliable dental solution provides a permanent fix by integrating artificial teeth securely attached to the adjacent teeth. Dental bridges are commonly crafted using porcelain, metal, a blend of both, or zirconia materials, ensuring durability and stability once fixed in place.

Bridges have the ability to improve your cosmetic appearance and may be a preferable option if the surrounding teeth have fillings or if there is a possibility of needing additional dental work in the future.



Dentures offer a cost-effective solution for replacing missing teeth caused by tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma. If you have lost some or all of your teeth, your dentist may discuss dentures as an option for tooth replacement.

Dentures are artificial replacements for natural teeth and adjacent soft tissues. They can be either temporary or permanent and are typically made of acrylic resin (plastic) or a lightweight metal, primarily cobalt chrome. They are designed to resemble your natural teeth in appearance.

Image by Diana Polekhina

 Types of dentures available



Full Denture

This type of denture is worn by patients who have lost all of their teeth in either the upper or lower jaws, or both. It replaces the missing natural teeth and rests on the gum ridges, providing support to the lips and cheeks. It also helps in maintaining the proper distance between your nose, mouth, and chin. Without replacing the missing teeth, this distance can gradually decrease over time.

Partial Denture

A partial denture is used when a person still has one or more natural teeth remaining. It replaces the missing teeth and is held in place by clasps that surround and grip onto the remaining teeth. These dentures can have an acrylic resin (plastic) or metallic cobalt-chrome base. Your dentist will discuss the material options with you when planning for a denture.


Implant-retained Denture

Implant-retained denture: An implant-retained denture is a removable alternative to standard full dentures. It can be used to replace all missing upper or lower teeth. These dentures are partially supported and secured in place by dental implants that are anchored within the jawbone and partially supported by the gums. However, the wearer can still remove this denture from the mouth.

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